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HR & Talent Consultancy

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HR & Talent Consultants can help you with a variety of tasks on a very flexible basis. This could include the set-up of a HR function, delivery of a specific project or ongoing ad-hoc advice & support.
You can hire a HR Consultant for an agreed daily rate and only work with them for as long as you need to. Agreements can be concluded with as little as 1 days’ notice (depending on the contract) so they really are very flexible.

Know How

Additionally, our Consultants come with experience in your industry meaning that they have encountered the challenges you are facing before. They can help with projects such as:

HR Change Management

TUPE, Mergers & Acquisitions, Redundancy Programs and Cultural Change


Pay-by-the-day flexible on-site  recruitment solution


HR set-up and health-check

Do you have all the fundamentals in place such as policies, handbooks and fit-for-purpose employment contracts?

Design & Delivery of Training

Leadership development modules and e-learning

Employer Branding

Development of an employer value proposition and rollout of marketing campaigns

Executive Coaching

For you and your leadership team

For Start-ups

Start-ups operate under conditions of uncertainty. This can make it challenging to gauge the level at which you should appoint your first Head of People or Head of Talent.
A HR & Talent Consultant can act as a useful precursor to your first permanent People or Talent hire. They can help to assess what you need for the future and assist with the selection and effective onboarding of their replacement.
Please get in touch now to discuss partnering with one of our HR Consultants.
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